Life balancing with a disabled child

Over half of UK parents of a disabled child are struggling to combine work with caring for their child, according to a study by the UK's work life balance charity Working Families and childcare provider Bright Horizons. Read more...

Can you spot a scam?

We all pride ourselves on being able to spot a fraud but, these days, with ever-growing numbers and types of scams and fraudsters employing increasingly sophisticated techniques, just how vulnerable are we?. Read more...


Health and care system creaking at the seams says MP

MPs agree almost unanimously that a cross-party approach to finding a long-term solution on social care is a matter of urgency. Read more...


Parents speak out to prevent meningitis

A group of parents who each lost a teenager to meningitis have issued a hard-hitting warning to other parents to ensure their children take up a lifesaving vaccine against the disease. Read more...


Job not done on pensioner poverty says Age UK

The assumption so often made that older people are comfortably off, is way off the mark, according to Age UK. With so many worried about being hard up, it is certainly not ‘job done’ when it comes to ending pensioner poverty. Read more...



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    The Citizen Online is written and published by The Citizens Trust, a charity supporting disadvantaged people. Under the mission statement, "The Voice of Conscience for a Caring Nation", we produced the Disability Times, a national monthly newspaper for disabled people, their families, carers and friends. We also provided Dis-Ability Update, a weekly service on Channel 4 Teletext.

    The Citizen Online is a combination of an online newspaper and the accessible 'soundbites' provided by the old Teletext service. By presenting some of the struggles, aims and victories of people from different backgrounds, it aims to encourage the understanding essential for harmony within our diverse society. We hope readers will find things of interest within most categories; the communities may be different, but the stories and the needs are so often the same.


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    The Citizens Trust is one of London's leading providers of Welfare to Work programmes for people from many different backgrounds, especially those hardest to reach.

    The Trust specialises in offering services above and beyond the normal scope of employability provision. By taking all needs into account, it offers a caring atmosphere in which the most vulnerable participants can achieve success.